Our  mission IS TO Provide excellence in service, while leading supply chain, project management and professional services globally.

Our belief that success is limitless pushes us to make certain that our clients consistently move onward and upward. We do this by putting people at the center of all endeavors, ensuring that when our work is done our legacy will move forward.

“Excellence in service” is not only our motto, it is our foundation.

Core Values

Diversity - Strength comes from variety. We are dedicated to ensuring that we provide and represent materialized ideas from people of different cultures and backgrounds.

Excellence - We believe that when excellence becomes tradition, greatness has no limit.

Integrity - In compliance with laws, regulations and standards, we aim to  provide our employees and clients with principle based service and advocacy.

People - People are our most valuable asset, therefore we place them at the center of all endeavors; advocating for growth and success on an individual level.

Responsibility - We analyze and plan before executing, to ensure that we always act and create the best outcome.

Respect - We treat every employee and client with respect and are committed to the principle of excellence in service.

Trust - We cement relationships by listening to our employees and clients needs. We act accordingly, thereby creating a foundation of trust and security.

What we do

We provide add value to your operations, and positively impact your bottom line by providing tailored solutions in a timely manner. We advise, and partner with your company all the way from the initiation of the project to its completion.

We assist in managing your entire Supply Chain, main professional services and delivering projects; both large and small scale.

Who do we serve

Local and international companies in Energy, Mining, Construction, Manufacturing, Water Industries, etc.

Where are we located

We are a global company, headquartered  in Houston, Texas, and Johannesburg in South Africa.